Aviation Market & Strategy Expert

An Aerospace Engineer by profession, Ashwin is an Aviation Market and Strategy expert. Currently with Bombardier Commercial Aircraft in the Commercial Strategy role, his primary functions are Market Forecasting, Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning. He also has full-time and consultancy experience with companies like United Airlines and IATA.
“As the global economy recovers from the downturn, it is important that airlines and manufacturers use a cautious approach to align with the market demand. Airlines and manufacturers are continuously challenged to perform efficiently and effectively every day. The future of aviation will be centered around fuel optimization, flight decision support systems, optimal fleet/network planning and big data management. It is critical that decisions are taken to improve operational performance both locally and globally, both under normal operating conditions and in the event of off schedule operations. These decisions require personnel to have well-rounded knowledge about the interrelated functional units within an airline.”

Here are the areas that Ashwin specializes in:

– Network Planning
– Fleet Strategy
– Route Optimization
– Commercial Strategy
– Market Forecasting
– Competitive Intelligence
– Flight Following / Dispatch
-Intermediate / Current Scheduling
– Real-Time Stakeholder Coordination

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