Ashwin has significant experience as an entrepreneur having launched two of his own startup ventures from the ground up without any external funding. He has worked with startups in the aviation, health & fitness, software and sports industries.

His first startup venture – FitCitie – will launch in 2016.

Flight Arc is still a work-in-progress and will be launched in 2017.

His startup expertise are as follows:

– Business Case Development
– Business Plan Creation
– Market Research and Competition Analysis
– Value Proposition & Pricing
– Revenue Model Generation
– Go To Market Strategy
– Resource Planning
– Project Management
– Product Development
– Startup to Company Transition


He currently consults and mentors entrepreneurs who aim to launch their startups without any venture capital funds or angel investors.

“Trying to get external funding will not only take a substantial portion of your company away from you, but also delay your break-even point, reduce your ROI and increase your risk”

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